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Discover how our technology is making a difference in the lives of farmers,

rural communities, and the agricultural sector as a whole.

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At the heart of our mission is the well-being of farmers. By providing accessible funding and empowering them with technological tools, we are revolutionizing their agricultural journey. Our impact is evident in the flourishing crops, improved livelihoods, and the realization of sustainable farming practices that ensure long-term prosperity.

Rooted in sustainability, our agri-fintech platform is a driving force for positive environmental change. By supporting projects that embrace eco-friendly practices, we collectively work towards a greener and more resilient future for our planet.

WeGro Impact: Unveiling the Changemakers’ Quest

Delving into the heart of WeGro’s mission lies the impact team—a dedicated group on a quest to capture the essence of WeGro services. Their mission extends beyond mere evaluation; it is about unraveling the intricacies of impact, identifying gaps, and delving into the firsthand insights of the farmers. In this journey, WeGro aims to align its services precisely with the needs of its key stakeholders—the farmers themselves.

At WeGro, where impact is not just a buzzword but a way of life, the impact team serves as a cadre of changemakers. Armed with a comprehensive impact framework, their goal is not just to measure impact but to unleash a ripple effect, inspiring all teams to be driven by the transformative power their work holds for farmers.

As an impact-driven company, WeGro boasts a robust impact mandate that undergoes rigorous measurement and evaluation throughout the year. Their quarterly qualitative research and consistent monitoring serve as the compass, guiding the assessment of service outcomes, tracking changes, and measuring progress in the financial conditions and livelihood improvements of the farmers we serve. In this narrative, the WeGro impact team emerges as the storytellers of change, weaving together the threads of progress and the tapestry of empowerment.

SDG Impact

We seek to improve the lives and livelihoods of the smallholder farmers within our network and alleviate them from poverty.

With our technology and infrastructure, we strive to create improvements in the food supply value chain of the country

Through our model, we seek to create employment opportunities within the agriculture industry and improve the household incomes of all our stakeholder farmers.

By providing storage, logistics, and access to the marketplace, our model has reduced wastage and inefficiencies within the food value chain.