About WeGro

What is WeGro?2023-08-01T17:14:27+06:00

WeGro facilitates financing of rural farmers via connecting individual/institutional financiers by utilizing its tech platform.

How profit is to be disbursed?2023-08-01T17:14:52+06:00

Profit is disbursed to the designated bank account as soon as the project is completed.

What happens if any unavoidable circumstances happen?2023-08-01T17:14:59+06:00

The team of WeGro who contributes to agriculture and connected with relevant industry experts who are dedicated to dealing with any unavoidable circumstances to the best of their abilities. However, if the ecosystem becomes uncontrollable, we will provide relevant supporting documents to justify your loss.

Are financiers provided evidence on the livestock funded?2023-08-01T17:15:05+06:00

Financier has evidence in the form of a Project Financing Certificate in their email, which explains the ownership of the assets and WeGro’s responsibility as an asset manager. For every transaction through a cheque, a money receipt will also to be provided to the issuer.

What transaction mode does WeGro use?2023-08-01T17:15:11+06:00

You can pay us either via issuing a cheque or by transferring funds online.

Where do you run the projects?2023-09-27T16:06:08+06:00

We are currently operational in 28 zones across the country and expanding to more areas!

How do you find farmers for the projects?2023-08-01T17:12:48+06:00

We are constantly organizing awarness campaigns and training sessions whereby farmers can learn about us and express interest. We also find a lot of farmers through references and our work with various partner organizations.

How many farmers are working with you?2023-08-01T17:12:43+06:00

As of now, we have 3000+ farmers on our platform.

How do you onboard farmers/How do you ensure security?2023-08-01T17:12:39+06:00

Our farmers go through a credit-assessment process to evaluate their competency and expertise before onboarding them.

How is WeGro different from other Agri-fin-tech?2023-08-01T17:12:29+06:00

WeGro, at its core, views agriculture as a space for investment instead of debt lending. We don’t pay farmers directly, but instead buy the initial products for them. Throughout the length of the project we provide assistance, guidance and monitoring for the farmers until the project matures. This is mostly done to reduce risk and maximize profitability for the farmers and investors.

Additionally, we design projects that are shariah compliant, which means projects are not interest based.

About Investment

Can non-resident Bangladeshis also invest in WeGro?2023-08-01T17:10:22+06:00

NRBs have the opportunity to invest too. However, the profit of the projects will be disbursed to a bank account of Bangladesh only.

Can I invest if I don’t have a bank account?2023-08-01T17:10:43+06:00

Bank account is necessary to receive profits once the project is completed. So an active bank account is required to receive proceeding of an investment.

Can I get tax rebate on the investment?2023-08-01T17:10:48+06:00

Unfortunately, these investments are not applicable for tax rebate at the moment.

What is the minimum investment that I have to make?2023-08-01T17:10:54+06:00

The investment unit varies depending on project. Investment/unit starts from BDT 10,000 depending on project availability.

What is Mudaraba and Murabaha?2023-08-01T17:10:58+06:00

Musdaraba deals with profit sharing modality with pre agreed terms on the share of profits. Applicable mostly on rearing and harvesting projects.

Murabaha is basically set upon a repurchase price set between farmer and WeGro. So a fixed profit is negotiated earlier. We keep a certain service charge and the share rest of the profit to financiers. Applicable mostly on trade based projects.

What security do you provide for the investment?2023-08-01T17:11:05+06:00

The investors are provided with a legal agreement as per the Bangladesh legal standards. They can avail stamped agreements as well. The agreements can be availed for a nominal charge of BDT 360.

Can I get the profit on a monthly basis?2023-08-01T17:11:12+06:00

Currently, we do not disburse profits on a monthly basis. You will receive profits as soon as the project is completed.

What is the guarantee of the ROI range that it will be met?2023-08-01T17:11:27+06:00

We have entrusted experienced and trained farmers to carry out the projects under our supervision.

What is the nature of your projects?2023-08-01T17:11:41+06:00

The projects either cater one of the two categories:


What is the duration of projects?2023-08-01T17:11:55+06:00

The project duration varies depending on the project nature. It range from 2 months and can go upto 12 months depending upon harvesting/life cycle.

What type of projects do you offer?2023-08-01T17:12:10+06:00

We offer a variety of projects mainly classified into four categories:

1. Crops
2. Livestock
3. Fisheries
4. Poultry

Am I buying land, poultry or livestock here?2023-08-01T17:12:16+06:00

No you will not be buying land, poultry or livestock. You will be financing a portion of available agricultural projects.

What am I investing in here?2023-08-01T17:12:21+06:00

You can either finance projects of poultry, livestock, fish and crops, based on availability.

Are the projects Shariah compliant?2023-08-01T17:13:22+06:00

All the projects of WeGro are shariah compliant. WeGro designs projects as per the Shariah law and profit are distributed complying with the Shariah guidelines: profit sharing and re-purchase profits.

What transaction mode does WeGro use?2023-08-01T17:15:11+06:00

You can pay us either via issuing a cheque or by transferring funds online.

How do I finance a project?2023-08-01T17:14:21+06:00

Financing an agriculture is quite simple. Just follow the five simple steps:

1. Download the WeGro application

2. Select the project

3. Complete the profile

4. Place Order

5. Payment is collected either via cheque/online transfer

About Order

Where is the crop/fish/livestock/poultry sold?2023-08-01T17:08:05+06:00

The agricultural produce, poultry, fish or livestock are sold in the local market or to institutional buyers.

Do you provide any proof of investment?2023-08-01T17:08:30+06:00

Investors are given a Project Financing Certificate in the email address they provided.

How do I receive updates of my investment?2023-08-01T17:08:38+06:00

You can reach out to us in the ‘My Farm’ section of the app and click ‘Get Updates’ after investing in a project.

Will you provide any documents confirming the investment?2023-08-01T17:08:54+06:00

A project Financing Certificate will be shared via email as soon as the payment is confirmed and portal updated. Stamped agreement can be availed with the stamp charge of BDT 360.

What will happen if the project incurs a loss?2023-08-01T17:09:15+06:00

You will be entitled to the project principal amount. The loss is presently supported by WeGro as a marketing cost.

What will happen if the livestock dies or the crop gets destroyed?2023-08-01T17:09:35+06:00

Your investment is 100% insured against any unfortunate events for cattle projects. For rest of the projects, we provide capital protection from our end. In such cases, you will be refunded the amount you initially invested.

What mode of transaction does WeGro use to transfer the payment?2023-08-01T17:10:05+06:00

You can complete the payment in either of the 3 processes:
1. Account Payee Cheque/Pay Order
2. Online Transfer: BEFTN/RTGS
3. Bank Deposit

Within how many days do I have to make the payment after I book a project?2023-08-01T17:10:10+06:00

After booking a project, you must transfer the payment within 3 business days.

How do I receive updates?2023-08-01T17:14:05+06:00

You can reach out to us in the “My Farm” segment and click on “Get Updates” after financing a project.

About Return

When will I receive profits?2023-08-01T17:07:45+06:00

You will receive profits within 3-5 working days from project completion. This is termed as settlement period.

How do I receive profits?2023-08-01T17:07:54+06:00

As soon as the project is completed, profit is disbursed to your bank account via Online Transfer or A/C Payee Cheque.

How is the Return on Investment (ROI) of each project calculated?2023-08-01T17:08:18+06:00

Initially, the total profit of the project is calculated. 40% of the total profit is allocated for our investors. Profit/unit investment varies across each project.

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